New Domain? Here’s How to Warm Up Your Email

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If you’re just starting your new job or an entrepreneur starting out a new company, chances are your email domain is wholly new.

When an email domain or address is new, it has no real sending reputation.

This means you have to warm up your email. But what does that mean and how do you do it?

Read on!

What Is Email Domain Warming?

Email domain warming is how you establish a positive sending reputation for a new domain, or new email address, or revive an email that has not been used in a while.

The process involves gradually and methodically adding volume to a new IP or address over days or weeks to arrive at a positive reputation. This means you are sending out a lot of emails, but for it to truly work, you should also be getting responses.

It can be done manually by emailing people in your organization or company that you know will respond to you and keep the email thread going.

Or, you can use an email warm-up tool, such as Warm, to automatize the process and make it a lot easier. These tools send out emails for you and craft responses to better your reputation.

Why Do You Need to Warm Up Your Email

As it says above, warming up your email means making sure it avoids the spam box.

If you’re interested in making sales or reaching out to prospects, you need to make sure your email ends up in the right place. Having a clever subject line or amazing email copy is not enough to make sure your email is read.

If your sender reputation or new address or domain is not positive, you will end up in the spam box, no matter what. And then your email will really not be read.

This means all the time spent perfecting your messaging and subject line, and researching your prospects to personalize that email, was for naught.

In the past, you might have been forgiven for thinking that whether your email ended up in your prospect's spam folder was beyond your control. But this is no longer the case.

In the 2020s, ensuring your email lands in your prospect’s inbox is possible, and something you can ascertain. It now really is up to your email copy and subject line to make a good first impression to grab their attention.

So long as you follow some do’s and don’t’s of email domain warming, you can ensure that you will always land in the inbox.

Do’s and Don’t’s Of Email Domain Warming

Don’t start sending right away from a new email domain

If you’ve received a new email address or domain or are using an older email that has not been used in a while, the last thing you want to do is start sending emails to your prospects immediately.

It is highly likely that those emails are not entering the correct inbox, so you are spending time and effort crafting email copy and putting together lead lists that will never make it.

Do check your email deliverability before you start outreach

As we’ll see below, there are tools out there that help you check your domain's email deliverability.

This means that before you start any new outreach from a new domain or address, you can run a check to see its sending reputation. Often, these tools will also provide you with tips to better it, such as setting up the SPF or DKIM.

Beyond that, they will show you whether you are hitting spam in certain domains. If you are, you know what you have to do to improve your sender reputation.

Warm up your email.

Don’t assume your messaging won’t send you to spam

You might think your messaging is impeccable and there is nothing wrong with it.

This assumption could cost you dearly.

The words in your messaging that can send you to spam increase daily, and even something as attractive and simple as ‘free trial’ can send you to spam.

Do take the time to run your messaging through a spam word checklist

It may seem like an extra chore, but you will be happy to doing so.

Email deliverability tools do help out, but running your messaging through a spam word checklist before even testing out the deliverability is a great way to cross it out as a reason you are being sent to spam.

And checking it means you are on top of what words to avoid in your messaging!

Don’t stop checking deliverability once you’re in the clear

Just because you’ve achieved a good sending reputation will not mean that will be maintained.

If you’re a sales or marketing professional, or entrepreneur, reaching out to prospects daily, you are probably emailing fifty or more people per day on average. You do not always get responses; sometimes, they might move you to spam or block you.

This will harm that sending reputation, but you won’t know it if you assume you’re fine after achieving it once.

Do keep checking deliverability weekly to see if you need to use your warm-up tool

To avoid a dip in your sending reputation, make sure you’re checking your email’s deliverability on a regular basis.

Weekly or biweekly checks are absolutely essential if you’re emailing over fifty people a day, so that you know if you have to use your warm-up tool once again to ensure that you receive responses and your sender reputation increases.

Don’t rely on any warm-up tool you find

Warmup tools are easy to find, but they’re not all going to offer you what you need.

Some sales platforms have a warm-up option added. While this is well and good, a lot of the time another push is needed to obtain and maintain a positive sender reputation. Especially if you are emailing a large number of folks daily.

Do your research in terms of what warm-up tool works best for what you need

Once you’ve determined you need to warm up your email, do some research to find out what might work best for you and your needs.

Perhaps the option in the sales platform is enough, and you can ramp up your email amounts slowly.

Perhaps you need to improve your sender reputation quickly because there is a time-sensitive aspect of your messaging.

Perhaps you need an additional push because you are using an older email domain that had a terrible sender reputation.

Finding the tool that works best for you is key.

Don’t ignore the importance of a warm-up tool for email deliverability

Do not assume that simply running a weekly check on your email deliverability and having some back and forth with colleagues will be enough.

Warmup tools exist for a reason, and they can be an absolute game changer in terms of getting your email domain ready and accepted by your prospect’s inboxes.

Do take the time to learn and explain its importance to clients or managers

If you are seeing low open rates, responses, or high bounce rates, it’s worth it to run an email deliverability check on your domain.

If your sender reputation is low, take the time to learn about how to fix it, and what a warm-up tool is.

You need to be able to explain it to your clients or managers, so they can understand its importance to you doing your job. By being able to explain it to them, you show how well you understand your craft, and can convince them to invest in a good warm-up tool to make everyone’s lives easier.

Email Warm Up Tools

There are some key email warm-up tools that anyone can use to establish a positive sender reputation. There are three key elements you need, and based on those, we’ve listed a few below:

Email deliverability testing: GlockApps

GlockApps is how you can test your email deliverability.

It provides inbox delivery and spam filtering testing to help users determine and fix deliverability issues before sending the message to the recipients by sending a test email.

Users receive a report on how the email is delivered across major ISPs, if it's going to spam, and whether the message was blocked by an ISP.

It also lets you know if SPF and DKMI filters were triggered, and it suggests actions and ways to fix certain issues.

Email domain warming: Warm

At Warm, we’ve created a warm-up tool specifically for salespeople, because we could not find one that worked well enough.

We are dedicated to improving your email deliverability to help your emails safely arrive at your prospects' inboxes.

No more time out in spam!

Email sending: Amplemarket

Amplemarket is a sales enablement platform that has it all in one place: prospecting, sending, and email warm-up.

At Warm, we use Amplemarket to search for prospects and send out email sequences. We do also turn on the warm-up feature, however, we find that it is often not enough.

Finding that we needed additional help from warm-up tools is why Warm exists.


The right email warm-up tool can make or break your email deliverability.

And without a positive sending reputation, your emails will never reach your prospects.

Avoid the hassle of manually establishing a positive reputation and ensure that you are working with experts by signing up for the launch of Warm, the new email warm-up tool.

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